About us

Svetlana Novichkova & Alexander Novichkov (irraciodesign studio) are engaged in the design of interiors and of industrial design. Deep knowledge in the field of metalworking and woodworking allows professionally, using modern technology, to go from a full development, taking into account the smallest details, to the manufacture of "turnkey" exclusive objects of small architectural forms. Alexander also creates miscellaneous objects of wood carving such as sculptures and bas-reliefs combining this activity with painting and graphic design.
Irrational design is a new stage in art creation by the designers. Solving spatial geometric problem one can suddenly discover something new in the formation. "The mathematical approach" leads to new discoveries in design and architecture. It provides a new degree of freedom in creativity, the ability to get away from the Cartesian coordinate system. That is the ability to break away from the "Earth" and come to "Space".

Alexander Novichkov

Alexander Novichkov – an industrial and graphic designer, constructor and production engineer, artist. A physicist by training, a designer by vocation. He is interested in internal bond of physical objects and matter, try to feel (understand) the space and geometry, different coordinate systems. Knowledge of physics helps him get a deeper insight into the physical andmaterial essence of the world, lets him translate his reflections and feelings to the design created by Alexander. Alexander’s credo: “Industrial design means use of modern technologies in the manufacture and assembly of parts for each object. A minimum of parts with maximum functionality”.

Svetlana Novichkova

Svetlana Novichkova – took a degree on architecture, engages in interior design and product design. Svetlana is inspired by modern designers who are not afraid to go beyond the usual offering more and more new forms. Svetlana harmoniously blends all of them in their projects for interiors.